Monday, February 1, 2010

To catch up. :)

I know it's been a while. :P I have been keeping up rather faithfully with the readings of this blog, just my time constraints have kept me from updating it. :P So I'll provide the list of what I've read so far, a rating (scale of 1-5), and a slight commentary on a few of them. This will come in a few posts, this one being the first 30 books/collections that I've read.

Daisy Miller-3 This one I would recommend only because it’s an interesting case study. There’s really not any consistency behind Henry James’s work here at all.
Hounds of the Baskervilles-5
A Study in Scarlet-4
Sign of the Four-3 Probably my least favorite of Conan Doyle’s work. Not sure why, though.
Adventures of Holmes-5
Memoirs of Holmes-4
New England Nun-3
Revolt of Mother-3
Collection of Wordsworth-5
Collection of Coleridge-5
Collection of Keats -5
Collection of Emily Dickenson -4
The Storm-1 Don’t read this. Chopin is a very graphic writer for the late 1800’s, and I honestly felt like I was reading a trashy romance novel of today’s era.
The War Prayer-4
Ordeal by Fire-5 This is an amazing book about the Civil War. I’m taking a civil war class this semester, and we had to read this. It’s got a lot of facts, and can be a heavy read at times, but the writer is the leading historian when it comes to civil war facts. He’s amazing, and I loved every single page in this book. It’s not, like most textbooks are, slanted towards either side, which I very much enjoyed. It might have a slight yankee slant, but for the most part it’s not that big.
Shame of the Nation -4 This one makes you think…a lot. It’s about the education in our school systems. The premise is that a lot in our nation is failing schoolwise. Segregation is at the highest level, we aren’t supplying enough money to the underprivileged schools, and as a result those children are suffering. It’s sad, but it does make you think.
13th Tale-5
Orthodoxy- 5 Wow. This was amazing. I remember reading parts of it during debate camp in between my junior and senior year in highschool (daphne and david both had copies of it up there) but reading the whole thing was amazing. Essentially Chesterton attempts an explanation, not of whether the Christian faith can be believed, but of how he personally has come to believe it. It’s definitely a great read for anyone who wants to learn more about Christianity. He explains why he believes that OrthodoxChristianity best explains human existence. It’s an amazing book. And I love his humor.
Dear John-3 Good story plot, but like all Sparks novels it’s depressing and has 1 scene that ruins the entire book. The best part about this book is how much Savannah relies on her faith and belief in Christ.
Oliver Twist-4
Dante’s Inferno-5
African Queen-4
Emma-5 Yeah, ok, so I had never read this one all the way through. It’s amazing. It’s not my favorite of all of Austen’s works, but I am drawn to Emma in a lot of ways. She’s definitely a very human character. She’s one of the least likeable, but that’s what makes me like her more….she’s so full of flaws. You know she’s human.
Fellowship of the Ring-5 Yeah, I know. Another one I hadn’t read that I should have years ago. Haha. But it’s amazing. I can’t even express how much I love these books (I haven’t finished the 3rd yet) so just go read them for yourself.
Two Towers-5
Unceasing Worship-5
An Old-Fashioned Girl-5
Romeo and Juliet-4
Julius Caesar-4